How do you attract passionate customers?

why content is important

If you’re in business, you are always looking for ways to attract new customers to your business or website.  The tricky part is, how do you attract passionate customers?

In this article by, interesting, compelling content that will solve your customers problems plays a key role in cutting through the noise and getting people to notice what you have to say!

The article goes on to ask the question: Why content?

It’s interesting content that drives people to push that Share button or say to themselves, “Wow! This is a great article! I think I’ll subscribe.”

Here’s an analogy: If a big-time investor invited you to pitch your business idea to him, how much effort would you make to impress him?

I’m guessing that you wouldn’t dare show up without a compelling idea and a well-thought-out strategy. And yet most businesses do just that when it comes to social media marketing.

Given the opportunity to influence an online audience of potential customers, they simply show up without preparing a compelling message. No wonder they don’t see the results they want with their social media campaigns.

Prepare Your Message

Social media rewards interesting ideas. What is your audience most interested in? Find out what that is and then create compelling stories that feed your audience and generate passionate followings.

Whether you call yourself a social media marketer, an Internet marketer or a traditional marketer, you should define the kind of content that interests your potential customers, develop it and then prepare for the conversion to take place.

Let’s face it—it’s not easy to create compelling content day in, day out. In fact, without proper knowledge, it’s practically impossible. But it can be done. It starts with understanding three fundamental things about yourself and your market space:

  • Who YOU are—What’s your story?
  • Who THEY are—Your customers, and why they should care about your story.
  • What CONTENT can you provide them to build loyalty?

Ultimately you want to develop a content marketing strategy that helps you:

Create passionate subscribers to your brand;

Continually engage them with great content from the first day you meet them throughout their entire life cycle.

Read the entire article here

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